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100 Days of Whole30 - Results are In!

4/08/2015 *Sara-Marie* 1 Comments

No cheats. No slips. No excuses. For 100 Days, I followed the Whole30 program and I couldn't be more thrilled by the results. Now, I'm not a newbie to the Whole30. My first adventure was in August 2012 and before this year's Whole100, I had completed 4 previous rounds. With every previous round, I would lose 5-6 pounds and then try to keep to 80/20 paleo.  Some weeks would be better than others and those 5-6 pounds would slowly creep back on - usually in the form of bloat. I decided at the end of 2014, that I wanted to REALLY make this a way of life. I REALLY wanted to change my habits for good. The last 100 days have done exactly that.

I would say the first 30 days were just like every previous round - I felt better, had clearer skin, lost 5 lbs, but I had a list of things I still craved and desired. Then around Day 40, I had another dose of the magic. Something I hadn't experienced previously. My cravings were really diminishing. I was feeling GREAT, and my body was really changing. I was actually quite surprised on Day 61 that I hadn't lost any more weight because my body looked so different. On that day, I decided to break up with the scale for good because it truly does not tell my story.

The days kept flying by and it became easier and easier to remain on plan. I turned down my mother's lasagna at a family gathering without a problem. I wasn't even tempted to eat pizza during a get together at my husband's Crossfit Box. Off plan foods just weren't even interesting anymore. I honestly craved my nutritious and delicious foods that I had made a habit of creating every day. I fell in love with red cabbage and if you're following me on Instagram you have noticed that I've eaten it almost every day since I've discovered that I loved it.

My Whole100 Results
  • I decided to not weigh myself today because for the first time in forever, I don't care what the scale says. Coming from a person who used to weigh herself multiple times a day, this is a huge victory for me. 
  • When I look at the progress photos above, I know that my body composition has changed. I'm less bloated and I'm down a dress/pants size. That tank top is an XL and I can now fit in a Medium sized shirt.
  • I lost 1 inch off my waist and 2.5 inches off my hips.
  • I've seen major progress in the gym - I've hit new PRs on my front squat and deadlift and I've been able to run during workouts without needing to take walking breaks. 
  • I've solidified these new healthy eating habits and choosing real food, all the time, is just my new normal.
People keep asking me what I'm going to do now. If I've ordered a pizza or stuffed my face with a cupcake yet. And the answer is I'm eating the same stuff I ate yesterday and the day before. It's delicious and makes me feel great - why would I go back? Sure, if someone had a delicious, freshly baked cupcake in front of my face right now, I would consider eating it. But the difference is that before, just the thought of a cupcake would trigger my cravings and I would be heading straight to the kitchen to satisfy my sweet tooth. Instead, I have no compelling feeling as I type this.

I  think I've finally taken control of my relationship with food.
It no longer controls me - I am in charge.
I am Whole30.


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1 comment:

  1. Congrats! I'm on day 22 of what will be a 90 day Whole 30 and it's great to hear from someone who's completed an extended Whole 30. I've seen some changes in my body composition already but I hear the good stuff happens around day 60 so I'm looking for to that! Great job and thanks for telling your story!