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My Whole30 - Recap & Final Results!

8/31/2012 *Sara-Marie* 16 Comments


 I couldn't be happier that I stumbled upon the paleo/clean eating lifestyle in June of this year, and even happier that I found the Whole30 program. If you know me personally or have been following my blog over the last couple of years, you know that I've been on this weight-loss journey for a while. I've tried many things - some with success, some with failure. 

In 2011, I lost 25 lbs by following the Weight Watchers program. I felt great and was so proud of myself. But then, I couldn't lose anymore. I kept gaining and re-losing the same 2-5 pounds. I couldn't keep on target. I would stay "On Point" for 5-6 days and then have a "cheat meal." That cheat meal would negate all of the hardwork I had done that week and I would be back at point A. It was an endless cycle and I couldn't break it. 

After my wedding in January 2012, I gained back 8 lbs. I felt awful - but I knew where it came from. We let loose - we enjoyed whatever we wanted - and the pounds crept back up very quickly. I started tracking points again but I still couldn't get anywhere! 

In June of this year, I stumbled upon a post on Facebook talking about the paleo lifestyle and I was intrigued. I did a lot of research and just started slowly incorporating some of the basic concepts. Read this post about when I started to have a paradigm shift. 

Once I started to cut out processed foods and grains, I started to feel better! And I started to lose weight again. It was exciting. I started to read new blogs and find new recipes using only fresh and natural ingredients. But I still struggled with relapse. After eating a carb-loaded cheat meal, I would feel awful. Sluggish. I would develop a migraine. After 3 specific incidents, I knew I had to commit to eating clean for good. 

One night I found the Whole30 program and I was intrigued.  I quickly downloaded their book It Starts With Food, and the mind-blowing process began. I learned so much about how our body works and how important it is to feed it what it is designed to thrive on. Not just survive - THRIVE. On July 31st, I committed to starting the official Whole30 on August 1st - with many people around the world. I was excited, worried, anxious, nervous, not completely confident I could do it. 


At first it was challenging, as you can read through my daily recaps, but as time went on it got easier and easier. I formed new habits. And now, this is the norm. This is just the way I eat now.
So after that lengthy intro, here are the results I experienced while on my Whole30:
  • I have more energy
  • I sleep like a baby (but I NEED my 8 hours)
  • My skin has cleared up
  • My clothes fit way better - I'm actually down a size! 
  • I have a better relationship with food - I don't feel the need to overindulge. I'm fuller faster and don't feel the need to have seconds. I don't have to count points, measure servings, or count calories. It's LIBERATING. Just fill my plate with real food. It's SO SIMPLE. AND NO GUILT.  If I am still hungry - I eat!
  • My food taste better - I don't know how to describe it, but fruit taste sweeter now and vegetables taste so good and my food just taste so awesome lately. And it's not just that I'm a great cook. I have some recipes that are 100% compliant from prior to this change - and they just taste better now. I think since I'm no longer eating artificially enhanced foods, I can now appreciate true flavor.
  • I've experienced new foods - I LOVE cauliflower and Brussels sprouts now -- who knew?
  • I feel empowered/committed/proud of myself/just generally awesome
  • I don't feel deprived of anything - I actually finally feel in control for the first time ever!
  • I have more confidence
  • I lost weight!
From July 31 through August 31st - I have lost 6.6 pounds!

I can FEEL the difference and I think you can see it too:

I have some additional pictures (just in a sports bra) where you can really tell the difference in my stomach. I'm a modest woman so those are only for me to enjoy! But I feel smaller in my waist and I think my face is a little slimmer. But most importantly - I just FEEL GOOD. It's kind of hard to describe.

Other Awesome Stats:


Comparing to my journey over the years:

Again, this has been an extremely positive and eye-opening experience. And it just makes so much sense to me that I don't know why I would stray away or try something new. Now that the Whole30 challenge is over, I have a couple of options. I can either start reintroducing questionable foods back into my diet or keep doing Whole30 until something really delicious and really worth it comes along. Since I don't really miss anything and I want to continue to push myself towards optimal health, I'm just going to continue to do what I'm doing and allow a treat when I find myself in front of something so special and so worth it.

Until then, I'm going to keep on keeping on! 

PS: My hubby is going to start his very own Whole30 journey on Monday! I'll keep you posted on his progress! :) 

PPS: If you want to try this out for yourself, please let me know! I would love to offer any guidance, support, or just help you clean out your pantry! ;)


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  1. You might need to come to Brooklyn!!! -Kayla Luciano

    1. I would gladly do it! especially for family :)

  2. Amazing!!! Inspiring! I am starting tomorrow! Big inhale...big exhale! Will need all help, advice, cleaning out pantry...xo

    1. Yay! Thank you for all of your support! I will be here for you! Xoxoxoxox

  3. So proud of you! You have truly made a lifestyle change that will keep you healthy a long time. We need to swap some recipes on our next visit. Oh and you can see a difference. Jon and I have commented that on some of your other fb pictures. - Jen Gray

    1. Thank you so much!!! I actually owe Jon a thank you for helping me open up my eyes to eating better! You have both been role models for me over the years! Can't wait to meet up again soon! Xo

  4. Wow, you've lost so much! Keep it up! And thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!

  5. Congratulations! You worked so hard and it's paid off. Good for you. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank You misssrobin! It does take a lot of hard work but I think it's worth it! I appreciate the support!! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you bloggingmumof3!

      Thanks for visiting!

  7. You are amaaaaazing. That is all. :)

    1. HAHA! Thanks Lindsey! You are an AMAZING supporter!

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