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*Weigh-In Wednesdays - April 27, 2011*

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Gotta keep this short and sweet because I'm running late to work! It has been a CRAZY week since we just found out on Friday afternoon that we are officially moving to PA for a new career opportunity for Mark. We've been waiting for this for A LONG TIME, so we are very grateful that it is finally coming to pass. Although, it is really tough packing up our lives in just 7 days!!!

So with that being said, I haven't been tracking my food intake over the last couple days and I can tell the difference it has made in my food decisions. I've made some poor choices over the last few days so I'm hoping to turn the corner today. I also tend to eat more when I'm stressed, so I have to work on controlling that. I did start Week 3 on the Couch to 5K running program yesterday. It felt really good!!! Considering just a few weeks ago I could barely run for 60 seconds, yesterday I successfully completing intervals of 3 minutes at a time.

Time for the Stats:

Gain/Loss Since Last Wednesday = -0.4
Total Loss = -20

Wow, it feels good to hit the 20 pound mark!

WW also started these new progress reports this week...pretty cool. Here is the one I received for the last 4 weeks:(Click on Image to View Full Size)

With this move to PA, I will actually be living at home with my parents for 6 months. I'm really hoping that during that time I can keep good progress and keep my workout routine!

Until next Wednesday,



*Weigh-In Wednesdays - April 20, 2011*

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That is how I felt this morning when I got on the scale.

Honestly, I thought I was going to have a gain this week OR at the very best stay the same. I was good all week until the weekend hit. Saturday was pretty good, although I had my planned "treat meal." We went out for Thai food and it was DELICIOUS! I ate in moderation and REALLY enjoyed it. Sunday and Monday, I also ate more than I should have. These "treat meals" were NOT planned and that's why I was really worried. I ate more food this week than I had in any of the last three weeks. Despite the increased food consumption, I still stayed on plan. I did end up burning through all of my Activity Points and most of my Weekly Allowance -- but I DID NOT go "over budget." However, the last few weeks where I have seen the pounds really come off are when I was just sticking to my Daily Point Allowance of 29. I wasn't dipping into any of the extra Points banks. So I stepped on the scale this morning with much trepidation.   

YIPPPPEEEEEEEE, are you serious?!

I was so surprised that I weighed myself an additional 3 times while I was getting ready for work just to make sure the scale was right.

Gain/Loss Since Last Wednesday = -1.8
Total Loss = -19.6

What I did well this week:
Despite all of the eating out over the weekend, I tracked everyday and made the best guesses possible of how many points I was consuming
-I earned 35 Activity Points (14.39 Miles of walking/hiking/running + kickboxing + 1 P90X Video)
-I completed Week 1 of the Couch to 5K program and started Week 2 on Monday

What I could have done better this week:
-I could have practiced a little bit more self control. On Monday night, I decided to order a cheeseburger and fries when we went out to dinner with Mark's family after the Marathon. I started to feel full after eating about half of the burger. I should have just STOPPED eating. Instead, I took off the buns and kept eating the burger with my fork and knife. And then I finished all of my fries just because they were there. I felt SO GROSS after that meal because I knew I had eaten past my point of satisfaction. Never again!!

What I learned this week:

-ACTIVITY is so important!!! I know for sure if I hadn't been active this week, I would have definitely had a gain. I have to remind myself to JUST KEEP MOVING!

Other Highlights:
-The black dress I planned to wear to work today was TOO BIG! I looked like a tent, so I happily took it off and threw it in the donation pile.
-According to my fancy scale, I lost 1% of Body Fat in this week alone! That's a total of 5% Body Fat lost since last June. My Muscle Mass also went up by .2% this week.

I was really feeling down last night because I was dreading my weigh in this morning -- now I'm full of energy and motivation again! I can do this! Almost 20 lbs lost...this feels awesome.


Running with a PURPOSE

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As you know, I'm trying to learn how to run. Last week I did successfully complete Week 1 of the Couch to 5K Running Plan. Feels great. I will be beginning Week 2 today.

But today, I want to dedicate my post to a special woman who redefines willpower and determination. Today she will be running her 9th Boston Marathon and has been recognized for raising more than $50,000 for Dana Farber Cancer Institute in the process. She's Elizabeth Puopolo, mi suegra, and she's running with a purpose. Here's a letter from her:

Boston Marathon 2011 will mark the 9th time I have run as part of the DFMC team. I have been privileged to connect with so many wonderful people throughout this journey.

When I began 10 years ago to train for my very first DFMC/Boston Marathon 2001, I dedicated my run to my sister Theresa and my sister-in-law Nancy, both of whom were faced with the diagnosis of breast cancer in the fall of 2000. Many of you have shared their journeys and mine, as well as those of many other special people of whom I have written over these last 10 years.

Nancy is an inspiring breast cancer survivor, who leads a very fulfilling life. I am honored by her love and encouragement.

Sadly, Theresa was not so fortunate, she left this world on July 6, 2010. She was, to the very end, fierce in her will to live a full life even facing a Stage IV diagnosis since the spring of 2006.

Theresa gifted me with her love, friendship, and sisterhood. She inspired so many of us with her faith, hope, and determination in spite of very slim odds.

Theresa was a two time DFMC alum, she ran the 2007 Boston Marathon with me. My family and I treasure every memory we made together.

One year after emergency brain surgery in March 2008 to remove a brain metastasis, and only 10 days after receiving brain radiation in April 2009, Theresa ran in the 2009 Boston Marathon. In her 2 Boston Marathons for DFMC, Theresa raised almost $11,000 for basic cancer research. Talk about an inspiring woman!

I am dedicating my 2011 DFMC/Boston Marathon to my beloved sister Theresa and to all the sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, friends,and families affected by this disease. Won't you please join me in supporting this cause? You may donate online at Just click on "Support A Runner" and type in my name, you'll be linked to my personal webpage. Please let me know if you would like me to remember someone special in your life who has fought this disease, I will carry their name with me on Marathon Monday, inspiring me to keep moving forward and close to the finish line.

I am thrilled to say that my niece, Lisa, and sister-in-law, Anita are also part of the 2011 DFMC family, they will volunteer for the team. Lisa has run the last leg of the Marathon several times, I look forward to the day when she will run the Boston Marathon herself!

If you’ll be in Boston on April 18, 2011, won't you join my family and please come cheer on my DFMC teammates and me as we race towards the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer. We train and run with thousands of special people in mind and hope in our hearts. Dana-Farber is setting the pace in the race against cancer, and we’re grateful for your help.

God bless you all!

xo Elizabeth aka "Lizzie", "Liz"

WOW, I'm just trying to run 1 mile without huffing and puffing...can't even imagine 26.2.

Best of luck Momma Pops!

*Picture is of Mrs. Puopolo with Theresa on the left in April 2007, two days before they ran the Boston Marathon together.


*Weigh-In Wednesdays - April 13, 2011*

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Good Morning!
Well it's Wednesday again, time for me to hop on the scale and see if my efforts this week have paid off. I was really excited about this weigh in because I had another really good week -- lots of activity points, stayed on plan every day, exercised my willpower, etc. I even had a dream just before waking up that I was trying to weigh in, but I couldn't get the scale to work. Then all these little children were around me trying to read the numbers on the scale and then I couldn't see over their heads. Then when I could finally see it, the scale said I was down like 15 pounds. Too bad it was only a dream.

In the real world, I only had a small loss this week of .4. I was really hoping for at least another pound, but I will take it. The last 4 weeks, I've lost a total of 4 pounds so that does average out to a pound a week. Right on track. Hopefully, next week I'll get another good drop!!

Gain/Loss Since Last Wednesday = -.4
Total Loss = -17.8

What I did well this week:
-I was super motivated and tracked EVERY day
-I earned 37 activity points! (About 10 miles of hiking/walking/running, a REALLY hard kickboxing class, 2 P90X DVD workouts)
-I showed some great self control. (Think Papa Gino's at a get together and I didn't even grab a slice. I turned my back to the pizza and didn't walk into kitchen!)

What I could have done better this week:
-I'm still not really committed to doing P90X 6 times a week. I think I will continue to just do two a week (when my workout buddy Leah comes over!) and keep working on the Couch to 5K running program in the mornings. When it comes down to it, I rather be outside.

Other Stats:
So I have a really fancy "Biggest Loser" scale that also calculates Body Fat %, Body Water %, Muscle Mass, and BMI. I don't always track these things, but in general I've noticed that my stats are getting better! Since I was only down .4 this week, I needed some other form of accomplishment so I compared my stats this morning to the first time I bought the scale in June 2010. After digging out the spreadsheet, I was pleasantly surprised by my findings:

Body Fat % -- Down 4%
Body Water % -- Up 1.5%
(The total body water percentage for women should be around 51% and for men 55%, I'm currently too low because I have too much fat!)
Muscle Mass -- Up 1%
BMI - Down 2.3

So this helps me to realize that I really am making progress to a healthier me. Slowly, but surely.

Here's to another great week full of motivation and willpower!



The Couch to 5K Running Plan

4/11/2011 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

Happy Monday!

For years, I have wanted to learn how to run. To be one of those women who graciously made her way down the road, in her cute workout clothes, pony-tail flopping in the air, and the beads of sweat glistening beautifully on her skin.Yea, I want to be her.

In the past, I've researched running plans, bought running shoes, but have not stuck with it. This time it is going to be different. I have been loving my walks with my walking buddies and I want to continue that. But I REALLY want to start doing the "Couch-to-5K Running Program" in the mornings before work. (Click Here for More Info). Scratch that -- I AM GOING TO START THE 9 WEEK PROGRAM THIS WEEK.

Here's the plan:

Week 1:
Three times this week, I WILL:
Do a brisk five-minute warm-up walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

I WILL do this Tuesday Morning, Thursday Morning, and Sunday Afternoon.

I WILL blog every Monday to discuss the prior week's results and get pumped for the next week's goals.

My hope is that by telling the world about my plan, it will keep me accountable.

Anybody want to join me in this challenge?


Pizza or no Pizza?

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Today, I had a real test of willpower.

I just finished blogging the last couple of days on how good I've been on my weight loss journey. I found out yesterday that my company would be ordering Bertucci's for lunch today for a working meeting. Since I knew that I wouldn't be able to get up and bring in my own lunch, I would HAVE to eat some Bertucci's. At first I was nervous...ugh, I've been so good! I can't stop now! How can I resist the pizza?

So early this morning, I found out that one large slice of Bertucci's cheese pizza is about 7 points. Not bad. I could eat one.

Would I be able to stop at one? That was the true question.

In case I decided I wanted to eat two, I ate a filling, but low point breakfast (No Fat Cottage Cheese + Sliced Banana + Cinnamon = 2 yummy pts). As the clocked ticked to 12pm, I literally started to get nervous. I could smell the pizza once the delivery guy came down the tummy was grumbling...ahhh, this is going to be bad!

LUCKILY, they also ordered a HUGE garden salad. YES, I thought. I piled a whole plate of salad with a tiny bit of italian dressing (i'm assuming full fat) + some grilled chicken that I plucked off the top of a big creamy pasta dish. Thank goodness the chicken was just placed on top and not mixed into the pasta dish. And then I grabbed the smallest slice of pizza I could find.

I ate the salad first so I could fill myself up...I felt so empowered. I was really doing good. Then I ate that slice of  pizza and I REALLY enjoyed it. I felt full. I didn't need more. I just  finished tracking my meal and my guestimate is that I consumed about 12 points. A lot for lunch, but NOT bad at all considering my 2 pts breakfast. I still have 15 points left for dinner, which is perfect. Wow, I managed to have pizza for lunch and still stay on plan. I love WW!

And while others went up for 2nd and 3rds ( I was in a room full of 6 men), I stayed in my chair. I was definitely tempted to have another slice, but somehow I found the strength to stay put. And I'm so proud of myself.

"If you think you can do it, or you think you can't do it, You are right."
Henry Ford


*Weigh In Wednesdays - April 6, 2011*

4/06/2011 *Sara-Marie* 2 Comments

Good Morning!

So Wednesdays are my official "weigh in" day for Weight Watchers. I am pleasantly surprised (and so flippin' excited) to say that in 1 week, I am down 2.8 pounds! Woo hoo, that's the most weight I've lost in a week since my first week on WW (which was 4 lbs). I do weigh myself every morning, so I did notice the weight loss over the weekend. On Sunday, I was down 2.4 which prompted my earlier post. I'm so glad that I was able to keep the weight loss through the next couple days and even lose .4 more. This bring my total weight loss to 17.4! :)

Gain/Loss Since Last Wednesday = -2.8
Total Loss = -17.4

What I did well this week:
-I was super motivated and tracked EVERY day
-I earned 27 activity points! (Walked 15.03 miles + 2 P90X DVD workouts)
-We didn't eat out AT ALL this week! (Even though we were tempted many times!)

What I could have done better this week:
-I overindulged a bit at a Saturday afternoon party. There were lots of finger foods and I kept going back to the table! It was like I couldn't control myself! Although, I tried to stick to the fruit display, I did end up eating a brownie, a few crackers with cheese, and I did dunk my fruit in some of the chocolate fondue! Good thing I had walked almost 5 miles that morning!
-I haven't been consistent with the P90X routine. It's supposed to be 6 days a week and some mornings I just couldn't get myself out of bed! Thank goodness I'm still walking with the ladies in the evenings!

Here's to another great week!

Until Next Wednesday,


About a Year Check Point

4/03/2011 *Sara-Marie* 6 Comments

So last year on April 17, 2010, I decided I had had enough of being overweight and I really needed a change in my life. At that point, I joined a new gym, hired a personal trainer and saw some good progress. I felt stronger, I was losing inches, but the weight wasn't coming off as fast I had wanted to. The truth is, I was focusing on the exercise but not as much on the diet.

Over the next couple of months my weight fluctuated -- I would lose a pound, gain a pound, lose a pound, gain a pound, etc.

On September 25th, the love of my life proposed to me and now I had two BIG goals: save money for the wedding of my dreams and make sure I look GREAT on the most important day of my life.

So we had to make some budget choices and I decided that I couldn't afford my personal trainer anymore, but I did join Weight Watches at the end of November so I could at least focus on my diet.

As of this morning, I am down 17 lbs from around this time last year. My first thought was, wow...I failed myself. I wanted to lose 50 lbs in a year and I only managed to lose 17. What a waste of time!

But I decided to change my attitude and instead think, wow...I am 17 pounds LIGHTER than I was last year at this time...that IS a VICTORY! (And definitely not a defeat!)

I feel like now I have all of the tools I need to really keep going and reach my weight loss goals. Weight Watchers is really helping me to keep my diet in control, and my workout buddies are helping me keep active. I know that this new found motivation will really help me start shedding the pounds...and of course fitting into that wedding dress is the top motivator of all!

Lastly, throughout this year I have been taking pictures of myself in the same workout outfit to track my progress. It has really helped me to remember that the scale is not the only measure of progress. My clothes fitting better, my overall appearance, and how I feel is really important too! AND PICTURES DON'T LIE! When I look at the pictures above, I can really tell that this year has not been in vain and that I have started something worthwhile.

Technically, I still have 2 weeks to meet the 1 year mark, so let's see what I can lose in the next 10 days!!!