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*Weigh-In Wednesdays* ~ Sept 14, 2011

9/14/2011 *Sara-Marie* 2 Comments

WOW, it's been 2 months since my last blog post. I'm sorry. I'm apologizing more to myself because blogging helps to keep me accountable and motivated with all of my goals.

On July 13, I hit one of my big weight loss goals: I LOST 25 LBS! It was later than I had wanted, but felt great nonetheless. The next three weeks, I stayed exactly at that weight. I didn't gain or lose any more. I still felt pretty good. Then AUGUST happened. (Get ready for a list of excuses -- hey, at least I warned you!)

August Confessions:
  • I went on vacation with my family and didn't really track my food. I also ate a couple of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Only activity included swimming at the pool (read: laying out in the sun) and walking around the Disney Parks.
  • Two trips to Boston. I grabbed fast food a few more times than I should have.  Only ran one time while I was up there.
  • My birthday and Mark's birthday happened. We ate out, we ate cake...
So I finally weighed in on August 31st and I was up 5.8 lbs! FIVE POINT EIGHT POUNDS. I really couldn't believe it.  I felt defeated, and gross, and really unhappy. It was such a slap in the face. The next two weeks, I really snapped myself back into gear. I started tracking my food intake again and increased my activity.

Today, I'm actually sore from the two run/walks + 1 gym session over the last three days. I haven't been this sore in a WHILE...and it feels so good.

GOOD NEWS! As of today, I am down 3.2 lbs of the 5.8 lbs I had gained. I just need to lose another 2.6 to get back to what I weighed on July 13. THEN, hopefully I can continue with some net loss. Losing weight really isn't that hard, as long as you are motivated and keep it simple. Eat reasonably and be active.

I need to remind myself that everyday...KEEP IT SIMPLE! EAT WELL & DO SOMETHING!

Until next time,

SMP <3

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Keep up the good work! :)
    (From SITS "Fall Back Into Blogging")

    1. Thank you Joan! It's been a long struggle but I'm getting there! Thanks for visiting :)