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Boston Strong

4/20/2013 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

In light of all of the recent events that occurred in Boston this week, I've been contemplating what to say in this post. I thought about sharing about how many Boston Marathons I cheered at while a student at Boston University, or how my mother-in-law has run the Boston Marathon for the last 10 years but thankfully didn't this year. How my family and I could have been there. But in all honesty, I felt selfish if I decided to dedicate a whole post about how we were spared. Instead, I'm dedicating this post to those that weren't so fortunate this week and our law enforcement avengers.

My prayers will continue to be with the families of the victims that were robbed of their future and the hundreds of families that will forever be changed.

Rest in Peace Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard, and Lingzi Lu
My prayers are also with the family of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier who gave his life in the line of duty:

And I'm praying for a quick recovery for MTA Officer Richard Donahue:

Lastly, I'm thanking God for every single state trooper, police officer, agent, military personnel that helped make Boston safe again. Their exceptional courage and heroism is greatly appreciated and admired. Because of them, Boston was able to rest easy last night and I was able to safely leave Boston this morning and hug my hero at home.

We are so grateful for the many brave men and women who put themselves in harm's way to protect their city. Their selfless service is best represented in the following picture where this officer went out of his way to bring some milk to a family with young children that had run out during the lock-down in Watertown, MA.


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