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Whole30 2014: Days 21-30

2/10/2014 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

 So I'm a little late with this post. But do not fear! We did successfully complete our Whole30! The last 10 days of our Whole30 were just as delicious as our first 20. Although we were busier, got a little sick, and tempted to indulge, we remained on the course! I'm actually still going strong and today is Day 37! Mark had a mini detour and enjoyed some organic tortilla chips with my guacamole. I know, we are such rebels.

I currently have a cranky baby on my lap so I will just post these pictures as a reminder that eating this way is never boring or bland. I have actually enjoyed some of the most delicious meals while on this program. I hope to post a reflective piece on what I've learned from the experience this time around in the next day or so, as well as some of the recipes for the meals pictured below. Stay tuned! Until then, be inspired to eat real food!

PS: I downloaded this new app that adds text to photos and I might have gotten a little carried away!

Sweet potato, ground beef, and a homemade balsamic cherry jam

That's yucca and plantains in that soup - no potatoes!

Recipe slightly adapted from Primal Cravings Cookbook

Another delicious recipe from the Primal Cravings cookbook

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