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Weekly Fitness Victories - 9/15 - 9/19

9/16/2014 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

At least for me, it's easy to get down on myself for not being able to do more when it comes to my Crossfit workouts. I get frustrated when I have to walk instead of run, when I have to use less weight than my peers, or when I can't get over my fears to just jump on a box. 

But I do know that I'm getting stronger, faster, and better everyday so I'm going to start a blog series that will document at least one victory from each of my workouts in a given week. 

Focusing on the positive is the only way to live life! 

Current Week: 9/15 - 9/19

Monday: I hit a new PR! 

We worked on deadlifts, and I increased my 1 rep max by 40 lbs! My new PR is 175# and my 3RM is 135# which was my old 1RM! 

Tuesday: I did two double unders in a row! 

During one of the EMOMs, I actually did a double under! And then I did another one - 2 in a row! I was so excited I dropped my rope, hugged my coach, and then went back to the WOD. I didn't get another one after that, but it's progress! 

Wednesday: I did 50 thrusters at 55#! 

Typically, during a WOD with thrusters, I've only been able to successfully complete it with a naked 35# bar. But not today! I did all reps at 55#.My first set was 17 reps unbroken - I guess there is no going back! 

Thursday: REST DAY

Friday: HERO WOD FRIDAY - Whitten

Just showing up was my victory today. While the WOD called for 5 rounds of a bunch of stuff I don't like (burpees and running blah!), I did a very scaled version of 3 rounds. I could have stayed home today, but I showed up and did something. I can't be mad about that! 

Share some of your fitness victories this week, big or small, in the comments below! 


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