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Whole30 - Round 4!

9/16/2014 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

It's been 2 years since I've discovered the Whole30 and it has most definitely changed my eating habits for good. We eat paleo style and Whole30 meals the majority of the time, but do allow indulgences as we see fit. 

However the last couple of weeks were a bit more than just an indulgence - I was stress eating and ended up having a carbopalooza. I immediately gained 5 lbs of bloat and just felt horrible. So with that being said, I'm doing my 4th official Whole30. No slips, no mistakes, no excuses, for 30 days. Just 100% real food, 100% of the time. I will be documenting more of my meals on my Instagram account (smpons) so please feel free to follow me on there. I also hope to post some new recipes on the blog as well. 

Hope this motivates someone else! Change your life in 30 days! 

Yesterday, 9/15/14 was Day 1.  Especially since I now do  Crossfit 4 times a week, I'm expecting some great results within the next 30 days. 

If you'd like to join me, leave a comment below! 



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