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*Weigh-In Wednesdays - May 25, 2011*

5/25/2011 *Sara-Marie* 3 Comments

I am so thrilled that the WW App has a new feature that lets you set reminders to track your meals! I just added it yesterday and it really helps! I was having such a hard time the last week or so with tracking my meals, so this should really help me stay focused.

The last week was another week were I wasn't as focused on my weight loss goals as I should have been. I barely tracked, Mark and I ate out a lot over the weekend, I didn't get a lot of exercise in because of the rain, and I got sick on Sunday night. I'm still battling a bad cold and asthma, but I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day and I will be able to at least go out for a walk.

Despite all of those things, I didn't over do it. I was still carefully selecting my meals and trying to make smart choices. Some how, it paid off because I ended up having a HUGE loss this week. The body is crazy I tell ya!

Gain/Loss Since Last Wednesday = -2.0
Total Loss = -22.8

I know that this won't always happen, so I have to get back on the tracking and exercise regimen in order to reach my goals. Tracking I can do NOW, exercise will have to wait until I stop hacking up a lung.

My current weight loss goal is to lose 25 lbs by June 1st which is NEXT WEDNESDAY! I'm pretty close, but I'm having some doubts that I could pull off a 2.2 loss in the next 7 days. Especially after losing 2 lbs this week. I hardly ever have two big weeks like that back to back. I will give it my best shot and see how close I can get.

Until next time...


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  1. I am in awe of you and your weight loss journey. I wish you were closer so I could go running/walking with you. Then maybe I'd be motivated to make better choices.

  2. Awww, thanks Lindsey! Blogging about it keeps me accountable and motivated to continue. Especially when I get comments like yours!

    Having an exercise buddy is definitely key...I'm sure CJ would love to be pushed around the block :)

  3. I would love to walk him, Unfortunately once we get outside of our complex, the highway is to the left, and a horribly paved sidewalk is to the right. The pool opens on Saturday and I'm a big swimmer so I'm hoping to get there pretty much every day this summer. That should help.