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Operation Beach Bod - Day 2

12/24/2012 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

Yesterday was Day 2 of Operation Beach Bod and it went fairly well!

I woke up rather sore from the push-ups, sit-ups and squats from the day before. It's amazing how quickly those simple exercises get to work!

Sunday means church day so we woke up early and I made a big breakfast. I attempted to make sweet potato and bacon omelets as I have successfully done before.

Leftover baked sweet potato and organic bacon sizzling on the cast iron
To save some time, I had the genius idea to make one very large omelet and then just split it with my husband. Well that was too much sweet potato than my spatula could handle so it didn't exactly take the shape of a traditional omelet. As long as  everything was cooked through, I didn't really care! It was yummy nonetheless. Mark's portion, pictured below actually kind of looks like a slice of pizza!

That meal kept us full pretty much all day. Mark went on his way to work and I spent the rest of the day at church and with my family. At church there was a Christmas potluck after the service which I was a little nervous about. Our church is full of Latinos so I knew there would be lots of good traditional foods and I wasn't sure how I would stand against them. I then decided that I would rather treat myself to my mother's cooking on Christmas Eve, so I stuck to my paleo guns! Here's my plate:
Lettuce, pernil, chicken and avocado

After doing some last minute shopping, I got home around 8pm and was slightly hungry. I wasn't in the mood for anything big so I had a banana plus some left over veggies that I mixed with half a small avocado.

Then I relaxed a little until my hubby came home at 11pm. Closing out the night with warm snuggles and heart-shaped candles on a cold, winter night are the things that dreams are made of. 

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