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Well that didn't go exactly as planned!

12/21/2012 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

So I was supposed to be blogging more frequently and we were supposed to be doing a Whole30, but it's been almost a month since my last post and I'm ashamed to admit that we did not stay 100% compliant on our 2nd Whole30 journey. SHAME ON US! I can try to come up with a couple of good excuses for why we decided to give in to some temptations, but I'm not going to do that. What good would that do anyone? Nobody forced less healthy foods down our throat - we made a decision to indulge and that's it. I'm not proud of our choices, but we can't take them back. We can just move forward.

We have been busy with work, holiday shopping, and lots of babies! Over the last few weeks, I welcomed three new babies into the world!

First was Baby Ethan, first son to my best friend Vivian:

We had been praying for this little guy for almost 5 years! But God knows everything and His timing is perfect!
Then there was my adorable new little niece, Baby Talia, who decided to come into the world during a Monday Night Football game, while her parents and big brother were still in the stands! 
Crazy story, let me tell you! 
Another little princess for our family! 
 And later on that same day, my college friend Julissa gave birth to her first son, Baby Amaury! I'm actually going to drive to NJ tomorrow to meet him! So many babies, so much love!

Anyway,  while I did admit that we failed during our second Whole30s, I do have to say that we still had some wonderful Whole30 meals. The last month was NOT a complete waste - I promise! Here are some pics to prove it:

Veggie Medley before getting roasted at 400 degrees for 30 mins
Thai Basil Beef (From It Starts with Food) and a fried egg

2 fried eggs with ground cumin and sweet plantains

Tuna in Tomato Sauce (Giada's Recipe) over mixed greens
quick snack: banana + cashew butter
Garlic Chicken + Lemon Roasted Broccoli over mixed greens

Our go-to 'taco' salad - this time with a dollop of homemade avocado dressing

Organic, grass fed rib eyes with roasted acorn squash and baked sweet potatoes
Veggie Medley getting sauteed in cast iron pan instead of roasted

The veggies above with some baked garlic chicken and potatoes

Curry Beef Skillet - inspired by recipe in It Starts With Food

Scrambled eggs with fresh homemade salsa and organic bacon
Baked garlic chicken wings over mixed greens and tostones
This special meal was prepared by my mother in law while I was up in Boston traveling for work!
Brussels + pecans + cranberries + roasted chicken breast + balsamic vinegar
Who knew roasted cabbage could be so good? Just EVOO + salt + pepper
Moroccan Sweet Potato Hash - Recipe Coming Soon!
Tostones, roasted butternut squash medley, and baked garlic chicken wings

Pineapple Curry Ground Beef Skillet - Recipe Coming Soon!

I really do want to continue on this path to optimal health, and I know that the only way to do that is to keep committed to eating a clean, whole foods diet and staying active.


I really do want to look and feel my best when we celebrate our anniversary in sunny Puerto Rico a month from today!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers - I need the extra help! :)


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