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Healthy Eating CAN be delicious!

3/07/2012 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

Today is proving to be another good day -- staying on track and keeping motivated! Today is also the start of a new Weight Watchers week for me, so I wanted to start strong.

The day began with the alarm going off at 5am and then snoozing until 5:30 with my husband (<--- ooh I love saying that!). After a large cup of coffee and praying with Mark (yes, we pray every morning together and at every meal we share together. I think it's the key for a healthy marriage!), I realized that I still needed to prep for my 9am meeting. Heading to the gym wasn't probably the best decision at the moment. I was able to complete my prep work by about 7:45am and debated on whether or not I could still make it to the gym and get anything accomplished. Instead, I threw my sneakers on and power walked for about 12 minutes around our community. Hey, at least it was something! Last week I would have just sat at my desk and did nothing! And we live at the bottom of a hill, so going up and down a hill for 12 minutes actually got the blood flowing!

The rest of the day was very busy with work but every time I started to think about this weight loss journey of mine, I thought about how I could make this motivation and change sustainable. And since I'm a person that LOVES to cook, and LOVES to eat, I realized that I needed to make sure that my healthier food choices were still delicious and satisfying!

And it's true...healthy eating CAN be delicious. See for yourself.

BREAKFAST: Okay, nothing too fancy here but I needed something quick this morning.

1 serving of Special K - 3 pts (I recommend weighing this out, because a serving is much less than what a normal sized bowl leads you to believe!)
1/2 oz of slivered almonds - 2 pts
4 oz of skim milk - 1 pt

LUNCH: Nothing beats yummy leftovers! Deeper flavors develop over night and its so easy to just throw together!
turmeric stirfry chicken in a mini soft wrap - 5 pts
1 cucumber, chopped with 1 tbsp of dressing - 1 pt
Orange - 0 pt

AFTERNOON SNACK: Most satisfying 2 pt snack ever! Adding zero point items like salsa just spices up any quick snack and makes it so much more delicious! But be ware, this one is a little messy.
mini soft wrap - 1 pt
2 oz of turkey - 1 pt
mango peach salsa - 0 pts

DINNER: YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! I think the best part of this dish was using full fat (full flavor) goat cheese. As long as you weigh it out (I had 14 grams ~ 1/2 serving), you can still stay on target. Turns out 1/2 serving of goat cheese is only 1 point and taste A MILLION TIMES BETTER than 2 oz of the fat free version. I rather have less, but with a satisfying punch! And it melted so lovely into the dish, making it nice and creamy. Seriously, I felt like I was having a cheat meal, but WITHOUT THE GUILT. Hallelujah.

Smart Taste Pasta (white pasta with extra fiber), roasted zucchini, red onion and grape tomatoes, with chicken sausage = 8 pts
1/2 serving of goat cheese with basil = 1 pt

Today, I REALLY enjoyed all of my meals. So much so that my next struggle was stopping at ONE SERVING! I think I just proved to myself that being on a "diet" doesn't have to mean eating bland foods that taste like cardboard. If so, I would probably be back to my old ways in less than 2 weeks.

BUT, there is a better way! And I'm going to follow it!

Lastly, I want to throw out there that I did enjoy this lovely weather by doing Week 1 Day 2 of the Couch to 5K program. I was a little slower today than on Saturday as I had a minor side stitch, but I did finish it! Between the run/walk and the power walk this morning, I started the new WW week with 4 Activity Points in the bank. Not too bad.

Well I still have a couple points left for the day, so I'm going to enjoy a serving of WW strawberry fro yo! Do I have to say it again?



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