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Simple Sofrito Recipe - My flavor base

1/07/2014 *Sara-Marie* 1 Comments

Simple Sofrito
I've been meaning to write this post for over a year, but never got around to it.
Sofrito is a flavor base that I use for a lot of my Puerto Rican inspired dishes like pollo guisao (chicken stew) and carne molida (ground beef).

Side note: Both of those recipes will be posted soon!

There's always a lot of controversy over what sofrito should contain, but just like every family can have a variation for the same recipe, sofrito recipes can vary greatly. 

For some background information on the origin of sofrito, check out this great post here.

Now, I have to admit that while I use sofrito almost every day, I don't have to make it very often for 2 reasons:

1.) I always have tons of it frozen in the freezer so that it last long and I always have some on hand

2.) My grandmother and/or this little old lady in church make huge batches and give me jars full of it on a regular basis. I'm a little spoiled. 

With that being said, I used to help my mother make sofrito all of the time growing up and below you will find her simple, yet still very delicious recipe. The sofrito pictured above is one that I did indeed make, following this recipe.

My Mamí's Sofrito Recipe

Recipe Ingredients: 

1 large bunch of cilantro, stems included
2 green bell peppers, seeds removed and roughly chopped 
2 large onions, peeled and roughly chopped
1 head of garlic, peeled 

Recipe Directions:

1.) Prep your ingredients. Peeling the garlic was always my job as a little girl. 

2.) Throw it all into a blender or food processor and puree until smooth. 

3.) Store in a glass jar until you're ready to use! 

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  1. How much does this recipe yeild.