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*Weigh-In Wednesdays - April 20, 2011*

4/20/2011 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

That is how I felt this morning when I got on the scale.

Honestly, I thought I was going to have a gain this week OR at the very best stay the same. I was good all week until the weekend hit. Saturday was pretty good, although I had my planned "treat meal." We went out for Thai food and it was DELICIOUS! I ate in moderation and REALLY enjoyed it. Sunday and Monday, I also ate more than I should have. These "treat meals" were NOT planned and that's why I was really worried. I ate more food this week than I had in any of the last three weeks. Despite the increased food consumption, I still stayed on plan. I did end up burning through all of my Activity Points and most of my Weekly Allowance -- but I DID NOT go "over budget." However, the last few weeks where I have seen the pounds really come off are when I was just sticking to my Daily Point Allowance of 29. I wasn't dipping into any of the extra Points banks. So I stepped on the scale this morning with much trepidation.   

YIPPPPEEEEEEEE, are you serious?!

I was so surprised that I weighed myself an additional 3 times while I was getting ready for work just to make sure the scale was right.

Gain/Loss Since Last Wednesday = -1.8
Total Loss = -19.6

What I did well this week:
Despite all of the eating out over the weekend, I tracked everyday and made the best guesses possible of how many points I was consuming
-I earned 35 Activity Points (14.39 Miles of walking/hiking/running + kickboxing + 1 P90X Video)
-I completed Week 1 of the Couch to 5K program and started Week 2 on Monday

What I could have done better this week:
-I could have practiced a little bit more self control. On Monday night, I decided to order a cheeseburger and fries when we went out to dinner with Mark's family after the Marathon. I started to feel full after eating about half of the burger. I should have just STOPPED eating. Instead, I took off the buns and kept eating the burger with my fork and knife. And then I finished all of my fries just because they were there. I felt SO GROSS after that meal because I knew I had eaten past my point of satisfaction. Never again!!

What I learned this week:

-ACTIVITY is so important!!! I know for sure if I hadn't been active this week, I would have definitely had a gain. I have to remind myself to JUST KEEP MOVING!

Other Highlights:
-The black dress I planned to wear to work today was TOO BIG! I looked like a tent, so I happily took it off and threw it in the donation pile.
-According to my fancy scale, I lost 1% of Body Fat in this week alone! That's a total of 5% Body Fat lost since last June. My Muscle Mass also went up by .2% this week.

I was really feeling down last night because I was dreading my weigh in this morning -- now I'm full of energy and motivation again! I can do this! Almost 20 lbs lost...this feels awesome.

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