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*Weigh-In Wednesdays - April 27, 2011*

4/27/2011 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments


Gotta keep this short and sweet because I'm running late to work! It has been a CRAZY week since we just found out on Friday afternoon that we are officially moving to PA for a new career opportunity for Mark. We've been waiting for this for A LONG TIME, so we are very grateful that it is finally coming to pass. Although, it is really tough packing up our lives in just 7 days!!!

So with that being said, I haven't been tracking my food intake over the last couple days and I can tell the difference it has made in my food decisions. I've made some poor choices over the last few days so I'm hoping to turn the corner today. I also tend to eat more when I'm stressed, so I have to work on controlling that. I did start Week 3 on the Couch to 5K running program yesterday. It felt really good!!! Considering just a few weeks ago I could barely run for 60 seconds, yesterday I successfully completing intervals of 3 minutes at a time.

Time for the Stats:

Gain/Loss Since Last Wednesday = -0.4
Total Loss = -20

Wow, it feels good to hit the 20 pound mark!

WW also started these new progress reports this week...pretty cool. Here is the one I received for the last 4 weeks:(Click on Image to View Full Size)

With this move to PA, I will actually be living at home with my parents for 6 months. I'm really hoping that during that time I can keep good progress and keep my workout routine!

Until next Wednesday,


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