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20 Questions

9/14/2012 *Sara-Marie* 4 Comments

20 Questions - Got this post idea from my friend Lindsey

When was the last time you cried? 
This morning. When I read about Officer Brad Fox. Rest in Peace Sir. Job well done. Then again when I was talking to my husband about it. Hits very close to home.

Are you named after anyone?
Yes and no. My first name is hyphenated: Sara-Marie. Before I was born, my mother gave birth to a still born daughter, whom she named Marie, after her (Maria). Two years later, my mother was again pregnant, with me, and was very worried, considering what had happened previously. One night while pregnant, she had a dream and saw a plump little baby girl on my grandmother's bed and heard a voice that said 
"Don't worry. 'Sara' is okay."
 She then decided to name me Sara-Marie, in honor of my older sister in heaven. And I did turn out to be healthy and pretty plump ;)

Do you have any kids?
Not yet. But we want some. Soon. Still trying to convince the hubby we would survive parenting.  

If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?
Uhhhh, yea. I think I'm a great friend.

Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Hmm, I don't know. Probably not that much, but I do enjoy sarcastic humor!

Would you ever bungee jump?
Probably not.

What's your favorite cereal?
I don't eat cereal at all anymore, but when I did, maybe Honey Nut Cherrios?

What's the first thing you notice about people?
Smile. I love good teeth.

What is your eye color? 
Dark brown. 

Scary movie or happy ending?
HAPPY!!! I don't do scary movies. At all.

Favourite smells?
Rosemary & fresh cotton/clean laundry.

Summer or winter?
SUMMER! Although I did get married in the winter!

Computer or television?

What's the furthest you've been from home?
Acapulco, Mexico. Spring Break 07 with my Stephanie!

Where were you born?
Brooklyn, NY

Do you have any special talents?
The Lord blessed me with a decent set of pipes. 
Though you have to come to church to hear me sing!

What are your hobbies?
Singing, blogging, cooking, working out?

Do you have any pets?
Not yet. I do want a puppy to go on walks/run with. 

Favourite movie?
Dirty Dancing - Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Do you have any siblings?
I sure do! Older brother, and two younger sisters. 

Your turn!! 
Do a 20 questions post on your blog and then share the link with me below! 


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  1. Well now the answer to when was the last time I cried was when I read the answer to your name. That is so amazing.

    1. Love Dirty Dancing!!! I love me some Patrick Swayze. Gone too soon. I also cannot wait for you to have babies so CJ can have a little playdate. We can send them back and forth during the summers, it'll be the best! (Yes, I have this all planned out, don't judge me.)

  2. Haha, didn't see your second comment until now! These future play dates and summer visits sound perfect. You need to start pestering Mark and tell him he's going to be a great dad. He's a little nervous!