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Workout of the Day - 9.7.12

9/07/2012 *Sara-Marie* 0 Comments

Seriously, I didn't get up from the floor for a full 15 minutes after this workout was over. It was INTENSE.
My friend, Jon, suggested I check out Zuzana Light  for some excellent body weight workouts. After being amazed at this woman's incredible body, I found out that she regularly posts workout tutorials (as well as performs the entire workout!) on her YouTube channel. I watched a few workouts and this woman is hard core! I decided I would give one of them a try for today's WOD.

MY WORD, was this a tough workout. And I thought yesterday's was tough! It took me 11:09 (it takes Zuzana 9:55, so I wasn't THAT much slower!) but those 11 minutes were killer.

I almost quit after round one. 

I almost quit after round two. 

Once round three was over, I laid on the floor for 15 minutes, snapped the picture above and texted my husband to let him know that I might die. He told me that "wouldn't be a good thing" so I pulled through. 

Much to my surprise, the hardest parts of this workout were the hops and the broad jumps. Who knew that something so simple, could get your heart pounding?! For the thrusters, I used two 10 lb kettle bell plates (like these) and used one of the plates for the Russian twists. I've posted the video below if anyone else would like to try it. I did the warmup on my own, since she doesn't suggest one. I also couldn't gather enough energy to do the "surprise" exercise at the end. Maybe next time. 

 Note: If you can get past the "immovable enhancements" she really is an amazing athlete. I guess it makes the jumping easier :)

Did you give it a try? 
Post your time in a comment below!

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