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Fitness Challenge - ZWOW #33

9/13/2012 *Sara-Marie* 6 Comments

As I mentioned in a post last week, along with my friend Tina, we are hosting a 4 week fitness challenge to complete Zuzana Light's ZWOW (workout of the week) every day for that particular week.


Zuzana Light posts a new workout every Thursday, but when Tina woke up this morning to do her workout, it wasn't yet posted! So she started with last week's workout - ZWOW # 33 - Sexy Spy Workout! 

SO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, complete your workout and post your results to the comments below. POST EVERY DAY after you complete your workout and compare to your previous results. I'm sure we are all going to get better, stronger, and faster!

I'm going to complete this tonight, since I drove earlier today from Boston. IT WILL GET DONE and I will post my results in the comments as well.


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  1. Yikes! This was hard! I'm going to chalk it up to a long day of driving that my energy was so low! I could NOT do the side plank leg lifts and I quit after 13 minutes! I ended up doing 2 rounds of the first three exercises plus an extra burpee. Hoping tomorrow is a better day! How did you do?

  2. Booo my post disappeared!!! I didn't time myself. With her last video, I didn't time the first day either...just went along with Zuzana to learn the workout. I do I feel sort of like I'm cheating when my time is good! lol Side planks were AWFUL for me...I know part of it is because it's so much harder supporting all the extra lbs that I've put on. I often cheat on those side planking exercises by using a pilates block and/or reaching my other hand over to lightly support. By day 7, we will be mastering this routine!!!

    1. Hope so! Good idea with adding the extra support, I will try tomorrow! And sorry your first post disappeared!

  3. Today's attempt was a bit better - but still tough! I made it through the full 15 minutes and did 2 rounds + 10 side lunge burpees + 6 pulse squats. Instead of the side plank leg lifts, I just held the side plank position for 15 seconds on each side. Hope that's building up my core strength somehow!

  4. I didn't do the workout on Saturday :( I was feeling very sore and a little sick so I skipped it.

    Tina is totally killing the workouts though - so proud of her!

  5. Finally back at it! I made some modifications, but I did 3 rounds in 10:30. Did pushups instead of burpees, and situps instead of side planks. Feeling great because I did all real pushups! 30 Real pushups today - that's a personal best!