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"I can't forget the children of Haiti" - my dad

9/16/2012 *Sara-Marie* 2 Comments


Two years ago, my father went to Haiti on a missions trip with a group of others. It was a life changing experience for him. He saw many things that broke his heart, that frightened him, and although they spent a week in a medical tent providing simple care - he came back feeling like he didn't do enough. When asked if he would ever go back, he said he wasn't sure. In fact, he didn't talk much for days after his return. When he did, all he would say is "I can't forget the children of Haiti."

There were many things he experienced that scarred him for life - like hearing the cries of people being sacrificed as part of the pagan rituals that still occur in this country - and him not being able to save them.

Well God has big plans for him and God told him to go back. This time with a different mission - bringing the Word of God - the medicine for the soul. My dad, along with two other brothers from our church just landed yesterday in Port-au-Prince for a week long Jesus campaign.

Will you help me pray for them?

Please pray for protection, guidance, and for the message that is going to be delivered. Pray for the Haitians that their ears and hearts would be open to receive the message of Christ, the Lord, Our Savior. Please pray for many lives to be saved and for the safe return of my dad and his colleagues.

As a daughter, of course I worry a little bit about what he may face on his trip. But I trust that God is in control and He will be with my father. So today, and forever, I stand on the promise of Isaiah 41:10 and will not fear, because the Lord, our God, is with them. And this trip is for God's glory and I know that my father will be richly blessed for being obedient to the Lord.

Thank you in advance for your support and your prayers during this week. They are greatly needed!

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  1. I saw your post from your husband's experience on the Whole 30 and just started to read your blog and happened upon this post. Yes, I will join in prayer for your dad and thank you for this wonderful blog. May God bless you in all your ways,

    1. Thank you Jacki! Your comment means a lot. My dad did return safely and the week long trip was a great success. To God be the glory! I hope you continue to come back to my blog! So thankful that you enjoyed some of my posts! :)