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Go, shorty, it's your birthday!

8/30/2012 *Sara-Marie* 2 Comments

I love my mommy.
As excited as I was to get a Lil Miss Makeup, I'm even more excited today.

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

Not only because today's my birthday and I have such wonderful friends and family who always make me feel special, BUT I also proved to myself over the last month that I am stronger and have more will power than I thought! Thank you sweet baby Jesus!

I'm going to do a full Whole30 recap tomorrow, but I did want to quickly share that as of this morning, I am down 6.6 pounds! In 30 days! Best results I've had in a LOOOOONG time. And more important than the results on the scale - I feel great! Like Tony the Tiger, except my energy hasn't come from cereal. Or caffeine pills, but please enjoy this classic segment from the Saved by the Bell episode.


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  1. Awesome!! How 'bout the li'l girl power lift picture!!! Happy Birthday!!! XO

    1. Shhhh! Saving that for tomorrow's post! ;) Thank you!