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My Whole30 - Day 8

8/09/2012 *Sara-Marie* 2 Comments


Day 8. It's 5 am and the sun is just starting to rise through our bedroom window. Some how I managed to wake up before my alarm and not have any desire to go back to bed. I got up and had a pre-workout snack and headed to the gym for a 6:30am Spin/Cycling class. I powered through the class, which was being taught by one of the hardest instructors, and I felt awesome. I had so much energy, it was kind of ridiculous. After getting back home and having breakfast, I hoped in the shower and just stood there for a minute--smiling. I felt so good. 

I felt lighter, stronger, and just happier. 

I hope this energy is here to stay.


6am: Pre-workout meal. Whole30 recommends you have 1/2 serving of protein and a little good fat before you work out.
1 slice of organic roasted turkey, small handful of pecans

8am: Breakfast.
Two eggs fried with two slices of organic roast beef, topped with fresh salsa
At around 11am I was feeling pretty ravenous, so I grabbed an orange. That held me over til about 12:30.


Red pepper 'tacos' or maybe I should call them boats?

My family came over for dinner and I made some roasted chicken wings, broccoli, mashed cauliflower, and a large salad. My mom brought over some rice and beans. Both no-no's for me, but I wasn't going to stop them!

no rice and beans on my plate - and I wasn't even tempted. My plate was more than satisfying.
Over dinner, I was able to share with my parents some of the big learnings I've taken away from the book, "It Starts With Food." They were shocked and I knew it was sparking an interest to start making changes. They all loved the mashed cauliflower (even the girls) so that was an easy way to start getting them to think outside of the box.

I think I'm going to buy my mom a copy of the book, so that she could see for herself the importance of our food choices. As the book says, what you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy.

I'm just trying to stick to the foods that make me more healthy.

I am blogging my way through the Whole30 program, based on the book "It Starts With Food." Click here to find out more and join me if you'd like! I dare you. Triple doggy dare you. ;)

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  1. Happy you are sharing Whole 30! Picking up book today from my favorite local bookstore! Looking forward to reading, learning, & implementing healthier changes! XO

  2. That's awesome!!! Let me know how it goes!