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My Whole30 - Day 5

8/06/2012 *Sara-Marie* 2 Comments


Day 5. What can we say about Day 5? I kind of feel as though I've been doing this forever and I'm ready for a cheat meal. I'm just being honest here. That's usually how all of my diets go. I'm good for about a work week (4-5 days) and then I have a cheat meal because I've been soooo good for a whole 5 days!! But I'm not going to let that happen now.


After sleeping in, blogging, and then giving Momma Pops a big birthday hug, I was feeling pretty hungry!  Even though it was her birthday, she still insisted on making me breakfast. It was a wonderful 3 egg omelet that I topped with some fresh guacamole (I made the guac!).

Protein & good fat, great way to break your fast!
 We then spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon helping the Pops with some things that needed to get done around the house. It wasn't long before we were famished again. The boys requested pulled pork sandwiches, which smelled SOOO GOOD. I tried hard to resist (curse you sugary bbq sauce!!!!) and started scouring the fridge for what I could eat.

Much to my delight, I was able to put a beautiful lunch together!

Strawberries and almonds on top of mixed greens, baby carrots and left over steak. Yum.
We left MA much later than we had originally planned, but it was worth it to spend time with Momma Pops on her birthday and to have all of her sons at home at the same time. It rarely happens. 

 Once we got on the road, we made a pit stop at Whole Foods to pick up a few items that are hard to find in our local PA grocer. I picked up this Larabar which is totally Whole30 compliant since its ingredient list consisted of 3 things: dates, walnuts and bananas. Sounds like real food to me! We ended up hitting traffic and the weather was a bit crappy, so this came in handy along the way.

At around 8pm or so, Mark got hungry and wanted to have a full meal. I know this sounds very against Whole30, but we went to Chili's! (Shocking, I know!) It was yet another test of will power. 

I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich sans bun, honey mustard, and swiss cheese and substituted the fries for steamed broccoli. I added avocado slices for $.79! I also ordered a house salad, with no cheese or croutons and oil and vinegar on the side. Everything was tasty and I believe I successfully navigated a fast food chain! Mark's fries did look amazing, but I kept my head down and stared at my beautiful broccoli. ;)

This actually ended up being too much food. I left half the salad but ate all of my protein and broccoli.
Before I close, I would like to give my husband some additional props. For the last 2 hours of our drive, he read to me from the book "It Starts with Food." Not only was I able to get ahead in the book, but Mark learned a few things and I think I'm winning him over! He started saying things like,  

"If we're really going to do this, we're going to have to budget more money in for our groceries. I want my meat to be grass-fed, good quality stuff."  

It was music to my ears. Plus, when was the last time someone read to you?! It was awesome. Mark also added some great witty commentary. If you know him, you know what I'm talking about. 

Here's to a successful Day 6 - in the comfort of my home. It should be easier, right?

I am blogging my way through the Whole30 program, based on the book "It Starts With Food." Click here to find out more and join me if you'd like! I dare you. Triple doggy dare you. ;)

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  1. <3 you Sara! Thank you for staying the whole day...sacrificing getting home we could all spend the day together! XO...stay strong! Tears & laughter while reading this blog! XO!

    1. No problem!!! I know you were loving it!!! Xoxo