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My Whole30 - Day 30!!!

8/30/2012 *Sara-Marie* 2 Comments


DAY 30. Wooooo hooooo. I did it!
And I'm going to keep doing it! 

Tomorrow I'm going to post a full recap of my experience and my new set of goals. For now, I will just recap my DAY 30 - WHOLE30 EATS.

Breakfast: had a busy morning and wasn't too hungry so I just had a banana and a beef jerky.

Lunch: yummy eggs and leftover roasted veggies!

While I waited for hubby to come home from a couple days of training, I decided to get a little dolled up. It is my birthday after all.

Did I mention that my skin has gotten clearer since I started eating clean?
Oh and my wonderful hubby brought home beautiful roses and a tear-jerker of a birthday card!
Love you baby!
We contemplated going out to dinner but then decided it was best to finish up my Whole30 with a bang!

Dinner: I roasted some sweet potatoes with rosemary, roasted some broccoli with garlic, lemon zest, and lemon juice, and pan seared two grass-fed ribeye steaks. Everything was delicious. It was the perfect birthday dinner.
Who needs a cake when I have this beauty?
And now, I officially end my Whole30 with exceptional snuggles.

He was only gone for a few days, but I missed this guy.

Stay posted for tomorrow's full recap!

 I am blogging my way through the Whole30 program, based on the book "It Starts With Food." Click here to find out more and join me if you'd like! I dare you. Triple doggy dare you. ;)

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  1. Great job! Looking incredibly healthy & beautiful! XO Happy Blue Moon tonight!