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My Whole30 - Day 16-18

8/19/2012 *Sara-Marie* 1 Comments


Oops, I'm a few days behind! I also don't have a lot of time this morning so I'll try to keep this post quick. The last few days have been pretty good, with the exception of yesterday, Day 18, when I had so many bad cravings! With the help of my husband, I was able to resist!

WOD.  Started my day with 2 rounds of the above workout. My legs are sore.
BREAKFAST. I hadn't had a banana in a while and this one was soooo good.

LUNCH. Lettuce wraps with left over ground beef skillet and some watermelon.

DINNER. Left over roasted chicken and 1/2 baked sweet potato.

EMERGENCY PROTEIN! I was so excited to receive the package of WHOLE30 APPROVED, beef jerky made out of grassfed beef that we ordered last week. Mark is considering doing a Whole30 in September and needed an approved snack for when he's on the road! They were pretty tasty - and a little spicy!


BREAKFAST. I made a "morning mix" inspired by a recipe in the book. Ground turkey breast, diced apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts. It was OKAY. It was kind of dry and was missing something. I think it's worth trying again - but I'll have to add some of my cooking magic to it!

LUNCH. Organic hot dog with a lettuce bun. These dogs are so good and Whole30 approved!
 For DINNER I had the last of the ground beef skillet I've been eating for the last few days. That recipe is a keeper and so easy to make once and eat multiple times. Makes it easy to stay on track! 

My WOD was cleaning the ENTIRE house. From top to bottom. All three bedrooms, both bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, loads of laundry. EVERYTHING. Took me about 4 hours and lots of music from Pandora. It's amazing how two grown ups can make such a mess! I can only imagine what it will be like with little ones! Ay, yi, yi.


BREAKFAST. Tried my leftover 'morning mix' by warming it up with a little bit of chicken broth (since it was pretty dry) and adding a fried egg. It was WAAAAAY better today.

 My brother and my nephew were coming to visit around noonish and we were heading to the park. I decided to load up on some protein before they arrived:

SNACK. Leftover roasted chicken.
My WOD was playing with my nephew at the park. We ran, we played catch with the football, ran drills. By the way, I have a great arm "for a girl!"

I do have to say that my favorite quote from the day was when my nephew said, "We should have a relay race or obstacle course. I know I can beat Dad, but you're in shape so I know you can do it."

Sorry brother, but your son views me as BEING IN SHAPE! I love it.

Yes, he caught it one handed while sliding on this thing.

My brother has an app that adds "TED" to any picture. Here we are pushing TED on the tire swing.
 After working up a sweat at the park, we headed back to my place where we fired up the grill for some grilled veggies and grassfed burgers!
LUNCH. Topped my burger with Almond Butter and Bacon. Everything is better with bacon.
A few hours later, when the boys left and my hubby came home. I started getting VERY SNACKY. I kept getting thoughts of cake, and chocolate, and Chinese Food! It was bad. It would have been the typical night were we say "let's get a bunch of food and watch movies all night." We used to do this probably once a month. And that's the feeling I was getting. It was very bad. So we went to the grocery store and got a few things we needed. I found some sweet potato chips with sea salt that appeared to be safe, so I bought a small bag of those and some frozen mangoes and pineapples so I could make my Whole30 safe fruit sorbets at home. Sweet and salty - it's what I crave this time of the month!

While we were at the grocery store, every item we picked up we read out load the ingredient list and would find - more often than not - something we couldn't pronounce so we would get mad and put it back on the shelf. Then Mark stops us and says, "Oh my God, listen to us! We sound like food snobs!" 

Yes, we probably did, but knowledge is power! If it's unrecognizable on the ingredient list or reads like a science experiment - the odds are it's NOT REAL FOOD. 

It's kind of frustrating - but worth the effort.

When we got back home, we decided to have a real meal first. I grilled some steak and added some of the leftover grilled veggies from earlier:


After dinner, I still had the sweet potato chips and made a mango and coconut milk sorbet. DELICIOUS. I definitely had too much food today - but glad that I was able to fight through the cravings and still stay on plan.

 I am more than halfway done with this Challenge, I'm not going to quit now!

I am blogging my way through the Whole30 program, based on the book “It Starts with Food.” Click here to find out more and join me if you’d like! I dare you. Triple doggy dare you. ;)

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