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My Whole30 - Day 10

8/11/2012 *Sara-Marie* 2 Comments


Day 10! I'm a 1/3 of the way done!!! Woot! Woot! I also officially finished reading the whole book, "It Starts with Food." Another woot!

I did wake up feeling pretty blah again but quickly snapped myself out of it. We were not going to have a repeat of Day 9. So I yelled at myself and was on my way. Sometimes you just need a little tough love.

To re-ignite my good, real food passion, I decided to try a few recipes I found on Pinterest.

Pinterest always helps :)


Breakfast was inspired by this post for a Cowboy Breakfast. I scaled it down for 1 serving, nixed the hot sauce, and sprinkled ground cumin. Everyone knows I love my eggs with cumin. Oh and the sausage was 100% natural with no bad stuff added. I believe the ingredient list was: Pork, salt, spices and natural lamb casing. Whole30 Compliant!

1/2 sweet potato cubed, cooking in my cast iron skillet after I cooked the sausage.

I just loved the way the egg looks nestled between the sweet potato and the sausage.

Finished dish, with cilantro, avocado and sprinkled cumin. SOOO GOOD.
Lunch was inspired by a Cilantro Lime Chicken recipe that's been on my Pinterest board for a while. Again, I scaled down the recipe since all I had defrosted was a small pack of 5 chicken drumsticks. I didn't really measure out the ingredients - just went with my gut. Unfortunately, I had to eliminate the cheese, but once I'm done with the Whole30 and decide to add back diary in moderation, I may have to give this recipe another whirl.

Chicken marinating. It looks very pretty.

Since my cast iron skillet was still out, I decided to give it a quick wipe down and brown the drumsticks on there first.
Then I placed the skillet in a 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes to complete the cooking process.
I placed my finished drumsticks on a bed of spinach with a granny smith apple. I squeezed lime juice on the apple and spinach, which added a nice touch to the salad. Oh and the chicken was decent! I bet the cheese would have made it better ;)

For dinner, I decided to try to make grilled swordfish, for the first time ever. Since I'm allergic to shellfish, I don't tend to eat a lot of fish, although "regular" fish is safe for me to eat.  For the fish marinade and serving sauce, I used Giada's recipe, which was very similar to the basil/mint chicken we made last week with Momma Pops.  We accompanied the meal with some roasted veggies (yellow summer squash, green pepper, red pepper, red onion, and Brussels sprouts) and some grilled asparagus.

Dinner was VERY YUMMY. I enjoyed the swordfish -- it was very meaty! Looked more like chicken than anything and the sauce was delicious.
 My snacking was more under control today with only two little snacks - 5 organic strawberries (since I found out they are on the dirty dozen list!!) and a Larabar after dinner while Mark decided to indulge in a bowl of chocolate ice cream and pretzel M&Ms.

I tried not to look.

One last note, I was shocked to realize that I have blog readers all over the world! Are you serious?! Wow, welcome and hope my random rants translate well into your native language!

US, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, and Latvia! Wow!
I am blogging my way through the Whole30 program, based on the book “It Starts with Food.” Click here to find out more and join me if you’d like! I dare you. Triple doggy dare you. ;)

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